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Air Conditioner Troubleshooting: What If My Unit Isn’t Cooling My House?

It’s summer in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield (IL). The air outside is starting to bake, so you close the windows and turn on the air conditioner.

You hear the unit running, but 30 minutes later your house isn’t any cooler. When you put your hand by the vent, you feel the air blowing, but it’s room temperature.

What could be the problem?

When your central air isn’t working correctly, it’s good to know what the causes might be. Let’s look at a few common problems you can troubleshoot yourself as well as some that should be inspected by an air conditioning professional.

Problem: Thermostat

If your AC is alternating between cool and tepid air, your thermostat’s fan switch might be set to ON. This will keep the fan running even when air isn’t being cooled.

Solution Source: You – set the thermostat switch to AUTO.

Sometimes a malfunctioning thermostat can be caused by low or dead batteries; simply change them. If the problem persists, you might have an issue with the thermostat’s circuitry or electrical board. In this case, be sure to consult with an AC professional.


Problem: Broken or defective condenser fan motor

A failed or failing fan motor will hinder the outdoor unit in dispersing heat. This will prevent your air conditioner from properly cooling your home.

Solution Source: AC professional

Problem: Dirty air filter

A clogged and dusty air filter will force your air conditioner to labor in circulating cool air to reach your desired temperature (e.g. your set your thermostat at 73 but the air won’t drop below 76). The evaporator coil, which cools the air, will then freeze, forming ice that obstructs the airflow.

Solution Source: You – replace the air conditioner’s air filter if it shows build-up.

Problem: Refrigerant lack or leak

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant is a liquid that takes the heat from the air being generated to cool your house. If the refrigerant charge is low or the refrigerant line has a leak, your unit won’t be able to absorb enough heat. This will become especially noticeable on days with high temperatures.

A refrigerant leak also can cause freezing throughout the air conditioner. This can damage the compressor, which circulates the refrigerant between the system’s evaporator (inside unit) and condenser (outside unit). An impaired compressor can lead to needing to replace the entire AC system. 

Solution Source: AC professional

Problem: Inadequate airflow

Your AC system cools your house by using the inside evaporator to absorb heat and then transfer it to the outside condenser. If the condenser is dirty or contending with debris, the unit will not move the heat out of the system, and your air will not cool.

To find out if your system has good airflow, hold a lighter at different distances from different vents. Proper airflow will flicker the flame even if you are feet away from the vent. Insufficient flow can suggest the outdoor unit needs cleaning. 

Solution Source: You to start. Gently spray the outside unit with a garden hose and clear any weeds or plant growth immediately surrounding the unit. If the airflow problem persists, contact an AC professional for further inspection.

AC Troubleshooting and Repair for Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield

Simple do-it-yourself solutions are sometimes all you need to keep your AC performing. Should you ever have questions or need further assistance, Air Dynamics Heating & Cooling specializes in air conditioning troubleshooting and repair for Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield.

When you partner us for optimal air conditioning, we will:

  • for pre-scheduled visits, e-mail you thorough info about your Air Dynamics technician
  • call you 30 minutes before your technician arrives
  • after inspecting your cooling system, sit down with you to clarify what may or may not be needed to restore full system function

We also offer you a five-year warranty on many of our air conditioning repairs.

Contact Us Today

We understand how important your central air is to your comfort and safety during seasonal heat. If your AC still isn’t cooling right after you try some of our starting suggestions, call us at (630) 731-1550 to connect with an Air Dynamics professional. We’ll be glad to learn more about your situation and answer your questions. Also be sure to ask us about our benefit-packed All-Inclusive Maintenance (AIM) program!

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