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Air Duct Cleaning Near Me

air duct cleaning near meHere’s something that those who live or work in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora or Plainfield (IL) might not know: The air we breathe when we’re inside can sometimes rival polluted air we might breathe outdoors.

If that sounds odd, that’s because it’s easy to imagine the environmental contaminants beyond our doors and perhaps less so to picture what might in our air at home. Reduced air quality can be caused by different sources, such as pet dander, dust mites, cigarette smoke and water damage. Airborne particulate and biological matter can build within our ventilation system and enter the air that we breathe.

For this discussion, we’ll review signs that your ducts may need cleaning. We’ll also look at what you might anticipate if you go online to locate “air duct cleaning near me.”

Air Duct Cleaning Near Me: Warning Signs

Cleaning the air ducts at home is something that many of us might not think about that much. But if you start to notice any of the following signs, it could be a good time to contact a professional about service for your ventilation system.

Dust buildup. If you’re seeing layers of dust regardless of how often you clean your home, this can indicate the air ducts need cleaning. When your HVAC system turns on, watch the air vents. Is dust blowing out or gathering around them? Remove a vent cover and look inside at the duct. If you see dust or dirt on the metal ring that holds the duct or inside the tube itself, then it probably is time for a cleaning.

Increasing energy bills. If you’ve been living in your home for even a little while, you’ve likely recognized patterns in your seasonal energy costs. If you notice an atypical jump in those rates for the time of year, your ducts might be dirty. Obstructed ducts restrict proper airflow, which forces the HVAC to work longer and harder to do its job.

Health issues. Your air ducts travel through your interior walls to circulate cooled or warmed air into your spaces. They also help remove airborne particulate and biological matter from the air you breathe. In particular, your air filter traps these contaminants to prevent them from entering your home. If the filter isn’t replaced with proper frequency, excess dust and dirt can start to build and back up in the ducts.

This allows the dust and dirt to be cycled into the air you breathe. If someone in your home has a condition such as asthma, allergies or a sinus or respiratory infection, the impure air could irritate it more. If an ailment seems to be consistently aggravated at home, consider looking further into whether your air ducts might be a culprit.

Mold. Summer in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield can get pretty humid. Moisture from that humidity can accumulate in air ducts and create mold growth in them. A tipoff that mold is developing can be the presence of a musty odor or the appearance of mold around vent covers. Be especially alert to black mold, which can be particularly harmful to health.

Pests. Rodents and insects prefer places that are safe, secluded and warm – places such as air ducts. To enter them, they will find an access point from the outside and then chew their way in. Once inside and comfortable, they will leave their droppings in their new home. These contain harmful bacteria that will then enter the air you breathe.

If you suspect you may have pests in your ducts, have the ducts promptly inspected and cleaned. Beyond removing a threat to air quality, you could prevent a costly duct system repair or replacement caused by the pests being in there too long.

Air Duct Cleaning Near Me: What to Expect

If you notice any of the signs we’ve discussed, your next step may be to type “air duct cleaning near me” on the web.

Once you schedule an inspection, the air duct professional will visit your home to define the type of issue that your air ducts might have, as well as the extent of it. This will then determine how the technician approaches the solution. For example, air ducts with mold growth will be treated differently from those with a dust problem.

During the evaluation of your air ducts, the technician will check the ports, vents and air registers. A mirror or a video mechanism may also be used to see deeper into the ducts. To prepare for an assessment of your ducts, be sure that all of your HVAC system’s openings are easy to access and not blocked by anything (e.g. furniture).

Depending on the type of air duct issue, a cleaning may take place during the same visit or require a return visit with the proper equipment on a different day. When the technician is ready to clean the ducts, the duct system will be sealed off. All system openings will be covered. Some duct cleaners might also pressurize the ducts to help prevent dust contamination during the procedure.

While cleaning your air ducts, in addition to the ducts themselves, the technician might clean other components such as the air handler, the drain pan, the heat exchanger and the fan blades, housing and motor.

Air Duct Cleaning Near You: Contact Us Today

The NATE-certified professionals at Air Dynamics specialize in air duct cleaning for Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield. If clean air at home is a concern, we can provide a full analysis of your ventilation system and discuss the best cleaning options for your situation. Simply give us a call at (630) 731-1550!

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