Does anyone in your family struggle with indoor allergies or sensitivity to dust, pet dander, smoke, mold etc? Air filtration and indoor air quality are something we’re pretty passionate about at Air Dynamics. Much like today’s high efficiency heating and cooling systems have become pretty high tech compared to older, outdated systems, so have air filtration and air purification systems.

The EPA rates indoor air quality to be a major public health risk. Studies show that the air inside today’s tightly built homes is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Building materials, household chemicals, burning candles and even some furniture all contribute to poor indoor air quality. Did you know that some computer printers can pollute the air in your home while printing?

During the winter months we close up our homes and things can get pretty bad when flu season arrives. You might feel like your home is clean after vacuuming and dusting, but an alarming number of flu and bacteria particles can linger in the air you breathe all day. No wonder so many of us become ill each winter. A properly humidified home can reduce airborne viruses by 30%.

Air Dynamics offers state of the art air filtration systems, whole-home humidifiers and de-humidifiers as well as UV lighting systems and ventilators.


  • Remove 99% of mold and pollen.
  • Eliminate 98% of dust and pet dander.
  • Kill 98% of bacteria and fungi.
  • Neutralize 98% of tobacco smoke and smog.
  • Kill 80% of viruses and ultra-fine particles.

Air filtration and indoor air quality systems also protect your heating and cooling equipment and prolong the life of your investment. Dirt, dust and debris are the leading cause of equipment breakdown. By cleaning the air before it enters your heating equipment, you can keep your systems in great condition all year long.