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furnace ready for winterAnnual Furnace Maintenance

The summer days are drawing to an end and the cold, snowy Chicago winter is right around the corner. We will all be turning our air conditioners off and turning our furnaces on. Air Dynamics Heating and Cooling recommends annual furnace maintenance before winter arrives to help prevent a furnace breakdown and potential furnace repairs in the peak of winter, when you need a heated home the most. Annual maintenance helps to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of your heating system.

SAFETY: Furnaces run on fuel like natural gas to heat your home. Having a qualified HVAC technician perform an annual furnace clean & tune-up will help ensure there aren’t any leaks or cracks in the heating system that could be harmful to your home or family.

RELIABILITY: Much of the time furnace breakdowns occur on the coldest days and ultimately lead to unexpected repairs. Annual maintenance provides the opportunity for the technician to check all of the components of the heating system to be sure that it is operating correctly to help to avoid these potential furnace breakdowns.

EFFICIENCY: A furnace tune-up includes the inspection and cleaning of the system. Not only does this ensure safe operation but helps to keep your furnace running efficiently during the winter by making sure the components of the furnace are operating as they should. As dust and debris build up on the system it can cause the furnace to run more and perform less efficiently. Did you know heating and cooling your home accounts for almost 50% of your utility costs?? An efficient furnace helps to save you money in heating costs.

Performing annual maintenance will elongate the life of your HVAC system. Like you would your car or any other mechanical equipment, protect your investment and provide annual maintenance to your furnace.

Now is the perfect time to schedule your furnace clean & tune-up with one of our NATE certified heating experts. Call us today at 630.731.1550

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