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End-of-Season Air Conditioner Maintenance: Simple Steps for Longer Life

Another summer will soon wind down here in the area – it’s been a warm and humid one! It’s definitely kept us busy here at Air Dynamics Heating & Cooling.

With the thickest heat almost behind us, now’s a good time to think about end-of-season air conditioner maintenance for your home in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora or Plainfield.

The temps often start dropping in late September and early October, so it’s smart to be proactive about your HVAC. Tending to it now will help ensure fall and winter don’t interfere with its cooling performance when spring and summer return.

Prolong Your Air Conditioner

The following are some simple ways you can help prolong the life of your air conditioner during the cold.

Power. Proactive end-of-season air conditioner maintenance includes shutting the unit off – and by that, we mean more than adjusting the thermostat, which can still activate your AC during an autumn warm spell. This can then cause the outside unit to absorb ice and water. To power down the AC, locate the outside circuit to the condenser, which is usually close to the circuit and under a lid.

Air filter. Your HVAC system won’t work properly with a bad filter. Check your filter one last time before switching to your furnace for the season. If you have pets or live near a dusty area or a current construction site, this step becomes even more important.

Coils. Make sure the air conditioner’s exterior condenser coil is clean, undamaged and free from debris such as sticks and leaves before the unit is placed off-duty for several months.

Coil fins. The aluminum fins on the air conditioner’s coils can become impaired if they’re not inspected periodically. Unless the fins are notably damaged, you can often straighten them on the unit’s condenser and evaporator portions with a fin comb, which you can get online or at your local home improvement store.

Winter covers. If you’re thinking of covering your unit, we recommend doing so only in the fall and only if the unit is near trees with leaves that can fall into it. We don’t recommend keeping it covered through winter because it can become a nest for rodents, which can damage the unit.

Beyond those do-it-yourself steps, you might include a professional end-of-season cleaning and inspection. In addition to ensuring your unit is tip-top heading into the fall, a heating and cooling professional can identify anything that needs attention before it becomes a costly repair later on.

Contact Us Today

Routine end-of-season air conditioner maintenance often leads to better performance and longevity. You’ll also help avoid unexpected problems when you’re ready to turn the AC back on next year.

The team at Air Dynamics is always ready to serve and support homeowners in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield. If you have questions or would like to schedule a season’s-end cleaning and inspection, simply call us at (630) 731-1550.

(P.S. Remember to turn the outside circuit back on in spring!)






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