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Experience the difference this winter with a whole home humidifier

aprilaire humidifierWinter is coming! We’re already feeling the crisp fall air in the morning, and many of us have already kicked on those furnaces to warm our homes. The combination of dry winter air, a heated home with a turned up thermostat and closed windows during the cold winter can wreak havoc on your respiratory system and even the items in your home. Proper installation of a whole home humidifier is the best way to improve the air quality in your home. A whole home humidifier makes it easier to achieve the comfortable air quality in your home that you and your family desire. With the inevitable Chicago winter right around the corner, there is no better time then now to consider a whole home humidifier so you can have complete control over your home’s humidity level.

A whole home humidifier works by introducing moisture into the air that is being warmed and distributed through the home. As air moves through the ductwork, it then passes through the humidifier where water flows through the unit. The air absorbs the water through the panel in the unit, raising the humidity level in your home.

The benefits of a whole home humidifier:

Healthier indoor air quality- less dry air, improving allergy symptoms that lead to dry noses, sore throats and dry, itchy skin. Dry air can even lead to increased snoring disrupting a good night’s sleep.

Improved comfort- providing humidified air will decrease dryness and static electricity.

Preservation of items in your home- dry air can damage wood floors, paint and furniture. By using a humidifier, the humidity level in the home is properly distributed to avoid the long-term effects dry air may cause to these items in your home.

Energy efficiency- Turning up your thermostat and running your furnace more in the winter will raise the temperature in your home, but you might still feel cold. This is caused by the circulating dry air. A whole home humidifier will provide moistened air that will actually make your home warmer without having to turn your thermostat all the way up. This will provide you significant money savings this winter and save wear and tear on your furnace!

At Air Dynamics Heating and Cooling we love the APRILAIRE WHOLE HOME HUMIDIFIER. Living in Chicago, where we run our furnace consistently at least 5 months out of the year having a whole home humidifier is a must and an investment you and your family will not regret. Our NATE certified heating and cooling experts are available anytime to install your new whole home humidifier! Don’t suffer this winter, Air Dynamics Heating and Cooling is here to help with all of your home comfort needs!


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