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Furnace Systems in Our Neighborhoods: Common Brands We Repair & Maintain

heating furnace brands repairWinter is back here in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield (IL), and it never fails to remind us why we own a furnace. With the kind of cold we get, our heating system becomes a VIP at home every year.

We’re fortunate that many of today’s furnaces are more efficient and enduring than ever. They can often heat spaces better while using less energy, and if they’re properly maintained, they might last as long as 20 years.

At the same time, as you know, if something is a machine, it’s sure to wear or break down at some point. At Air Dynamics, we maintain, repair and replace just about every residential heating system you can imagine. In this discussion, we’ll cover the most common kinds of problems that we respond to, as well as which furnace brands we service the most often based on our experience in the area.

Heating/Furnace Repair: Main Problems (All Furnace Makes & Models)

Some furnace issues prove to be more universal than others, regardless of the brand. The following are some of the most common service items we come across when the cold rolls into Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield.

Faulty ignition or pilot control. A defective ignition or pilot light will often make heating a home problematic. Just a few contributors to an unlit pilot can be a clog, drafts or a thermocouple that’s not working.

Unresponsive thermostat. A thermostat that isn’t communicating properly with the system will compromise how the fan functions and affect comfort levels.

Not enough heat from the furnace. If a furnace isn’t sufficiently heating a home even after the air filter has been checked, the reason could range from dirty ducts to the unit’s age to the furnace not being the right size for the home.

No heat from the furnace. A unit that isn’t generating any heat at all could have an issue such as dirty burners, a malfunctioning flame sensor or leaky ductwork.

Frequent cycling. If a furnace keeps turning on and off, airflow in the system might be restricted. Dirty or faulty flame sensors might also be at fault.

Constantly running blower. A furnace blower that is always on can be indicating that the limit switch needs replacement.

Beyond age, wear and tear, other main factors that we often see causing a malfunctioning furnace are a dirty air filter and a lack of periodic inspection and maintenance.

Heating & Furnace Repair: Brands Commonly Serviced

As we touched on, over time we’ve seen and worked on just about everything for residential heating in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield. The following furnace brands rank near the top of the ones we attend to most frequently, due in large part to their popularity.

Carrier. Carrier furnaces have a strong reputation for residential heating, beginning with the fact that Will Carrier, the founder, is credited with being the inventor of the modern air conditioner. In addition to their performance, today’s Carrier high-efficiency units are customer favorites for their warranties and their top-rated customer service.

In our experience, a service call for a Carrier furnace may involve an issue with the heat exchanger or the draft inducer. On the average, this might appear between 5 and 10 years after installation.

Lennox. Current Lennox furnaces offer three different levels of models and energy efficiency. Lennox units also feature additional quiet options equipped with variable blower motors.

When we respond to a call involving a Lennox furnace, some common service items may be a dirty filter, wear and tear of unit components, problems with the pilot light or ignition control, or inconsistencies with the thermostat.

Many Lennox furnaces include two LED lights that flash to indicate whether the system is working well or needing attention. If both lights are flashing slowly, the system is properly functioning. If one light is blinking slowly and the other quickly, the system is saying it has an issue with the flame, low voltage, a short circuit or reverse polarity. Different light combinations represent different codes for what a problem might be.

Trane. Furnaces manufactured by Trane offer very good quality for their price point, and they can often be inexpensive to run if they are consistently maintained.

When we inspect or repair a Trane furnace in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora or Plainfield, some common items we’ll fix or identify might be an issue with the thermostat or the circuit breaker, little or no warm air (mainly because of obstructed airflow), or a failing pilot light.

American Standard. American Standard furnaces have been heating homes for almost 100 years, and along the way their brand name has become known for reliability. Like Lennox, American Standard offers three furnace tiers that use flashing LED lights to communicate error codes if something is wrong with the system.

Our service calls for these units might sometimes include an issue with the power source. Although the furnaces run mainly on gas or oil, they still need electricity to operate. Without a proper supply to drive the blower-fan motor, the unit cannot distribute the heat generated in the combustion chamber. An energy-supply problem will affect systems with electronic ignition as well.

We might also attend to the blower motor, the drain line or the fan settings.

Success Regardless of Brand

Because a furnace is a machine, the need to repair it is always possible, especially as the unit gets older. However, as a proactive consumer and homeowner, you can greatly influence the frequency and degree of your repairs simply by keeping your furnace maintained.

By scheduling regular system inspections, you ensure that a trained and certified professional will check every vital function and part. Any worn components can be spotted and switched out sooner, and any developing issues can be fixed early. This allows your furnace perform at an optimal level for you while you also maintain greater air quality and lengthen the life of your system.

Contact Us Today

Whatever your furnace brand might be, Air Dynamics can support you with the answers, service and skill for safe and comfortable heating at home in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora or Plainfield. If you ever have a question or concern about your system, simply give us a call at (630) 731-1550 – we’ll always be glad to hear from you. 

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