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A Furnace Needs a Physical Too

furnace maintenanceMost of us in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield (IL) have probably experienced it: We’re at the doctor’s office for an annual physical. The physician checks our vitals as well as our general condition from head to toe.

During the exam, the doctor notices something of potential concern and advises on how to remain alert and proactive about it.

We’re humans, so for many of us, our first instinct might be to nod to show that we’ve listened. Then perhaps we walk out the door and simply hope the problem goes away.

In some cases, it might. In other instances, it doesn’t and won’t. The longer we ignore or fail to act on it, the worse it potentially gets. In time it may even become a major problem that interferes with daily functioning and requires more care at greater expense.

Our HVAC at home has similar parallels. Like the human body, it is a complex system of interdependent components. When one part fails, others can be affected. For longer life and steady performance, a furnace requires periodic inspection and maintenance. If a problem is noticed, the sooner it’s acted upon, the potentially better the outcome will be.

In their own way, the technicians at Air Dynamics are furnace physicians. They have studied the anatomy of heating systems and operated on them. They are always enhancing their ability to diagnose problems, correct them and recommend ways that customers might fix or avoid them.

And yet you might be surprised by how often we’re called out for service or repair for something that was identified earlier and left unaddressed (again, we’re human). If we were to estimate a proportion, it’s likely that for each furnace issue spotted and discussed, half of customers might address it and half may not.

We share that only to let you know that regardless of which half you might find yourself in, you often have more influence over HVAC performance and costs than you might think. Our greatest wish at Air Dynamics is that you have heating that functions just as it should for the least cost for as long as you need it, especially during late fall and winter.

With that being said, we’ll review some of the main things to keep in mind as a cost-conscious consumer who enjoys greater heating-system health when it gets cold out in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield.

Fall & Winter Furnace Health: Filter

We’ve said it before and will always be glad to say it again because it’s our duty: Check the filter regularly during the cold season. Because the furnace will be much more active, more air will be flowing through it and usually carrying more dust and other particles with it. If the filter is not monitored and changed as needed, it will clog and start to work against your goals to stay warm, keep the system efficient and limit heating bills.

Fall & Winter Furnace Health: Thermostat

Like the air filter, the thermostat is another obvious factor that can sometimes be the most overlooked. The thermostat needs to be set properly and communicating correctly with the furnace. It should have a fresh battery as well.

If something doesn’t appear to be working with the thermostat, you can try returning the unit to the manufacturer’s settings. If that doesn’t fix the issue, give us a call and we’ll help you determine how to resolve it.

Fall & Winter Furnace Health: Proactive Awareness

Medical doctors will often encourage patients to self-advocate. In other words, patients contribute to their own health and healing when they pay attention to what their body tells them, bring it to an expert’s attention, ask questions and apply the best advice given.

Your furnace can’t speak, but it has its own ways of saying when something could be wrong. Be alert to symptoms such as strange sounds or smells, weakened or unheated airflow, or frequent on-off cycling.

If you notice any of these signs of system trouble, don’t let them linger – be sure to let us know so we can help you keep your system running as it should.

Fall & Winter Furnace Health: Scheduled Maintenance

There’s a very good reason why doctors encourage having an annual physical (and why dentists promote dental check-ups every six months). An untreated or undetected problem is often one that can grow.

When you schedule maintenance, you provide your furnace a top-to-bottom exam for mechanical health that can keep you safe and warm all season long. The furnace also receives a good cleaning.

The result for you is a heating system that works better and longer for you when you need it to be efficient, enduring and strong.

Heating Health When You Need It: Contact Us Today

Air Dynamics welcomes every opportunity to help extend the greatest performance and lifespan of your furnace in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora or Plainfield (IL). If you ever have questions about the function or condition of your heating system, we’ll be glad to hear from you and discuss how to keep your furnace fit. Simply give us a call at (630) 731-1550. Ask us about our All-Inclusive Maintenance Plan with exclusive benefits too!

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