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Furnace Maintenance Plainfield IL

We all know them: There are summer people, and there are winter people. Some like the sun and the beach, and others prefer the soft blanket of snowflakes and the cracking of fire when the wind is chill against the windows.

What contributes to a more comfortable winter is having a furnace that’s properly working. One of the best ways to ensure that your heating system will be ready to perform is scheduling seasonal furnace maintenance.

The winter in Plainfield can get bitter, and in many cases when a furnace malfunctions it can be at an inconvenient time. Furnace maintenance provides the necessary inspection and tune-up for spotting and preventing anything that might become a larger issue when the temperatures start to fall.

Furnace Maintenance for Plainfield IL: Efficient & Thorough

It’s as the old saying goes: A little prevention can ward off a lot of cures. In addition to making sure your furnace will serve you when you need it to, you can potentially save yourself greater costs later. Identifying a smaller issue now is always better than dealing with it when it’s bigger in the future.

You might also be surprised by the causes of many heating problems. Basic factors such as a dirty air filter and build-up of dust and debris can lead to furnace breakdowns.

In addition to cleaning your furnace and potentially replacing the filter, our furnace maintenance for your Plainfield home includes vital inspection for:

  • proper system ventilation and airflow, including safe levels of combustion gases and carbon monoxide
  • operation of safety switches that prevent furnace overheating and fire risks
  • correct amp draw from the system motor
  • proper ignition and flame
  • tight seal of the blower access door
  • correct wiring connections with no corrosion or damage
  • proper gas pressure, static-air pressure and temperature rise
  • well-lubricated moving parts

Even a brief look at what’s included in furnace maintenance suggests how important having it can be. Furnace manufacturers likewise recommend regular maintenance by a qualified technician. Many warranties require it to keep coverage active as well.

Furnace Maintenance for Plainfield IL: Attentive & Responsive

The qualified technicians at Air Dynamics provide furnace maintenance that helps you stay safe and warm during the winter in Plainfield.

Beyond performing an efficient and thorough inspection and tune-up, we will:

  • answer any questions you have before your service visit
  • e-mail you details about the Air Dynamics technician who will serve you
  • call you 30 minutes before arriving for service

Furnace Maintenance for Plainfield IL: Exclusive Membership Program

If you are proactive about maintaining your furnace, we offer an All-Inclusive Maintenance (AIM) program with special member benefits such as:

free diagnostic testing

priority service – program members are a top concern

two yearly pre-scheduled system tune-ups (spring and fall)

10% off any furnace repairs you might need

No Breakdown Guarantee

It’s a superior value for furnace maintenance that will keep you warm and comfortable while helping you save on system repairs and energy bills.

In the event a furnace requires a replacement or an expensive repair, we offer our Plainfield customers different payment options to help them achieve what they need within their current budget.

Furnace Maintenance for Plainfield IL: Contact Air Dynamics

We are here to support you in maintaining a heating system that properly serves you during the winter. We always welcome your questions, and we will gladly provide the furnace maintenance you need in Plainfield. Just give us a call at (630) 731-1550.

In some cases, Air Dynamics can provide same-day installation for furnace repair or replacement. If your situation is urgent, be sure to let us know and we can advise you.

Professional Certifications

North American Technician Excellence (NATE)
National Comfort Institute (NCI) for air balancing and combustion analysis

Plainfield, Illinois: Quick History

The earliest Europeans in the Plainfield area were French fur traders. The first European-American settler was James Walker, who traveled to the region in 1826 with his father-in-law, Methodist minister Jessie Walker, and established a small mission for the Potawatomi people.

In 1828, in the company of several men, James built a sawmill around which the settlement of Walkers’ Grove developed. Because of that settlement, Plainfield is identified as Will County’s oldest community. However, the actual village of Plainfield was platted immediately north of Walkers’ Grove in 1834 by Chester Ingersoll.

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