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Fall Furnace Maintenance: Always a Smart Move for Planners

furnace heating maintenance serviceThere’s a good reason so many people welcome the fall in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield (IL). It’s a great time of year when outdoor temperatures moderate, sights around us gain extra character and sunlight colors the air with a slight coppery tone.

Because the temperatures are so pleasant after a typically sweltering summer, we open the windows and let the light in. We also might throw on a light jacket and enjoy the year’s brief but beautiful chapter before it turns the page to winter.

If you’re a proactive homeowner, fall is also ideal for prepping your furnace for the great work that lies ahead of it. It’s easy for many of us to wait until we have a problem with our heating before we give it attention. Arranging maintenance now can save great expense and inconvenience later. It also favors you by ensuring attentive service well before the schedule gets backed up by the annual blizzard of calls.

Many times, a simple furnace inspection and cleaning is enough to ensure a trouble-free fall and winter. The build-up of dust and dirt is the #1 factor behind furnace failure!

As your community heating professionals for Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield, Air Dynamics is back to review the simple ways you can get a big head start on furnace performance with plenty of time to spare.

Fall Maintenance: Spot the Cues for Care

Getting a jump on fall maintenance is as easy as turning on your heating system. Let it fire up and run for a little bit. This will help verify that the furnace is still operating and heating as it should. This also lets you note any cues that the system needs some care before it marches into action full-time.

Listen and check for potential-problem indicators such as:

odd noises

frequent on-and-off cycling

constantly running fan

cool air from the vents

clicking sound when turning on

Other warning flags the furnace might wave include:

increasing energy use when the furnace is on. You’ll notice it on your utility bill.

strange odors from the furnace or registers. A rotten-egg smell can indicate a gas leak, which should be attended to immediately. A burnt smell can suggest dust heating up as the season begins or something more urgent such as issues with the motor or wiring.

on older units, a pilot light that is all yellow or orange or that won’t’ stay lit.

If you suspect something might be wrong with your furnace, be sure to give us a call at Air Dynamics. We’ll be glad to further discuss any symptoms with you and help guide you to the answer or solution you need.

Fall Maintenance: Make Your Do-It-Yourself Checklist

A furnace inspection and cleaning by Air Dynamics is key for ensuring all components and wires are fully operative and the unit is running safely and efficiently. At the same time, you can do a few easy things on your own to help heat your home with less effort and cost in the months ahead.

Air filter. This is and always will be the DIY priority number one. After checking it now, do so again in a couple of months. When the winter cold arrives and your furnace is really humming, consider checking it every 30-45 days. Mark your calendar or set a prompt on your phone as a reminder. You might also choose to purchase filters in packs instead of just one at a time.

Vents and registers. Even the cleanest homes gather dust. Sweep the entire house to check for excess dust and dirt on vents and registers, as well as anything else that might be obstructing them, such as boxes, shoes or furniture. Also ensure that vents and registers are open.

Air leaks. Sealing leaks around windows and doors can help cut your energy costs and remove extra work from the furnace. Check for drafty windows, deteriorating weather stripping around doors, and gaps around flues, chimneys and plumbing lines.

Thermostat. If you don’t already have one, ask us about programmable or WiFi thermostats with great versatility, such as the ability to set and monitor temperatures when you’re away from home.

Ceiling fans. Adjust them to rotate clockwise. This will help draw cool air up and force warm air down in the room.

Doing these simple things this fall will reinforce your furnace’s efficiency while helping to reduce wear and tear on it.

Fall Maintenance: The Top-to-Bottom Inspection

In addition to your DIY checklist, arranging fall maintenance with Air Dynamics before you need your furnace for the first time is the best possible route toward comfort and warmth when it gets cold out. In some cases, maintenance may also keep a warranty active.

Among many other steps, complete fall maintenance with Air Dynamics includes:

checking thermostat operation

checking pressure readings

recording temperatures from the ducts to ensure they match the manufacturer’s specifications

checking and cleaning the burner, crossover and igniter

checking and adjusting the gas valve

cleaning the heat exchanger and checking it for cracks, holes or leaks

inspecting and cleaning the blower components and motor

checking for burned wires or high-temperature problems

checking for leaks in the gas line and other fuel-supply components

testing the burner

lubricating all moving parts

That’s just the partial list, and the full one is under $200. That’s a great small investment when you consider the average cost of a furnace repair ranges between $150 and $500 and a system replacement is often between $4,000 and $5,000.

You also can enjoy even more service and discounts for less cost by joining our All-Inclusive Maintenance Plan with exclusive member benefits such as two pre-scheduled system tune-ups (spring and fall – we contact you); priority service, even during off-hours (no overtime fees); and a 10% discount on all services.

Schedule Fall Furnace Maintenance Now: Contact Us Today

As a local service provider, we care about the neighborhoods we serve and feel better when we know your furnace is operating at its best. If you’re a proactive homeowner in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora or Plainfield (IL) who saves money and hassle by planning a little ahead, just give us a call at (630) 731-1550!

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