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Heating and Cooling Warranties: Why They Matter, What to Look For

Your HVAC system is important to your comfort and safety at your home or office in Oswego, Yorkville, Plainfield, Naperville or Aurora. It’s also a notable – and worthwhile – investment.

Whether you’re installing, replacing or repairing a system, you will always feel better if you have some recourse should you require service or repair. That’s why you’ll always want to be mindful of HVAC equipment and labor warranties. A good warranty will protect you with service support and financial coverage when you need it.

Heating and cooling equipment and service carry a range of warranties that vary in both duration and coverage. Some might also change over time. The following aspects of warranties will help you know what to look for.

Warranty Period

You typically won’t run into significant problems within the first two years of an HVAC system installation at your home or business in Oswego, Yorkville, Plainfield, Naperville or Aurora; however, there are always exceptions.

Should you have a problem in the first two years, you’ll often start by contacting the business that installed your unit. They will then assign a technician to inspect your system. If the issue resulted from the installation, the company will usually not charge the cost of repair. If the problem is caused by faulty components, the warranty should cover the required parts and labor to fix it. Note again that it depends on the warranty’s initial duration; its terms might change after the first or second year of unit ownership.

For this reason, seek a warranty that reinforces a manufacturer’s products for more than two years, especially for systems made to last for 15 to 20 years.  HVAC repairs can be expensive, so having a long-term warranty can really come in handy. For units with a lifetime warranty, note that the coverage may be for parts only (not labor) or for labor during the first year only.

Beyond a warranty period for a new installation, a reputable HVAC business will stand behind its repairs and part replacements for your system. Look for heating and cooling professionals who back their work with a quality guarantee for at least a certain term.

Parts Warranties

Your heating or cooling system will probably have a warranty for the whole unit, but different HVAC parts also can carry different warranties. For example, most heat exchangers are made to last for 10 years and might have a longer warranty.

Parts still under warranty will decrease as the system ages, so keep records of all HVAC equipment you purchase and present the related documentation when you receive service, especially if it is from a business other than the one that installed your unit.

Also find out if the HVAC service provider or the manufacturer charges a warranty-processing fee. Some businesses include this fee to process the warranty paperwork even when replacement parts are covered.

Extended Warranty

Some HVAC businesses and manufacturers may add warranties that lengthen a coverage period from five to 10 years for parts or labor. These extended warranties can be prudent extra protection – or just a way to make more money from you. Things to consider for an extended warranty include:

  • determining if the longer span makes sense for the parts or labor you might need later
  • when the warranty service becomes available
  • the possible waiting period for a requested repair, especially during busy seasons such as summer and winter
  • how long the HVAC business or manufacturer has been in business; longer is usually better because you don’t want to be stuck with an extended warranty from a newer business that fails or closes before the warranty expires

Voiding of Warranty

Just one mistake can make a warranty invalid. You can even void your warranty without being aware that you did. Such oversights can include:

  • not having your unit worked on by a service provider with the proper credentials (this becomes a particular problem if it’s determined the unit wasn’t correctly installed)
  • not registering the HVAC system warranty within the defined period
  • not using approved (i.e. original equipment manufacturer [OEM]) replacement parts
  • not scheduling annual tune-ups and maintenance with a licensed technician
  • not having proof of equipment purchases, service and maintenance (always receive and organize HVAC paperwork for easy reference and retrieval)

Be sure to read and understand HVAC warranties for parts, labor and installation to help you avoid unexpected setbacks and expenses.

Air Dynamics: Devoted Service, Skilled Solutions, Strong Warranties

Air Dynamics Heating & Cooling specializes in HVAC equipment and service for Oswego, Yorkville, Plainfield, Naperville or Aurora. In addition our service promise and efficient solutions, we offer solid warranties for your heating and cooling systems.

Our warranty periods range from 90 days to several years according to the level of service involved. Many of our heating and cooling repairs come with a five-year warranty. We also offer a 10-year extended warranty plan that covers 100% of parts and labor for a system replacement.

To find out more about our HVAC service and warranties, contact us today at (630) 731-1550. We’ll be glad to hear from you. Ask about our No Breakdown Guarantee and special All-Inclusive Maintenance (AIM) program as well!

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