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How to lower utility bills and improve system performance

Summer is right around the corner and Air Dynamics knows that everyone is excited for the hot sunny weather! With summer, comes the use of your air conditioner, and there is no better time than spring to start thinking about the reliability and efficiency of your cooling system.

Energy Savings Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the best things you can have done to your heating and cooling equipment. Just like your car or home needs upkeep, your air conditioning unit needs upkeep as well. Pre season maintenance on your air conditioner helps to avoid system failure on the hottest day when you need it most and ensures trouble free operation. There are energy savings that also come with an air conditioner that is running at peak performance.

Here are some of the systems and components that Air Dynamics inspects and maintains as part of your annual system tune-up.

Coils: evaporator and condenser coils
According to the US dept of energy, dirty air conditioning coils can decrease system efficiency by up to 30%. What does that mean to you as a homeowner? The cost to cool your home will increase and there will be unnecessary strain on system components such as the compressor and will ultimately shorten the system life.

Fan motors
Your air conditioner’s fan works to expel the heat from your home that has been picked up by the refrigerant. As old fan motors begin to fail they can cause compressor overload and premature failure.

Capacitors are electrical components that store a charge of energy that help the system’s compressor and fan motor to operate properly. This is probably the most common failure we see during the hot summer months. Capacitors need to be checked regularly and replaced if necessary. This piece of maintenance alone can save a homeowner hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Refrigerant (Freon)
Refrigerant is pumped through your air conditioning system to cool your home. As systems age, leaks can develop in the refrigerant cycle. An improperly charged system will not cool your home efficiently, causing you to waste money on your energy bill. Refrigerant levels need to be checked yearly and if leaks are present they must be found and repaired.

Electrical wiring
Your air conditioner operates on high voltage. Electrical wiring, connections and switches need to be checked yearly for damage, wear and corrosion. Mice and other rodents are notorious for building nests in units over the winter and chewing through wiring.

Ask us about our maintenance plan today. By signing up for our Air Dynamics maintenance plan you don’t have to worry, we call you when it is time to schedule your annual system cleaning and tune-up and come out at a time that is convenient for you. In the time that we have been in business, we find that 10 years is the magic number when many of these components start to fail. By keeping up with your annual maintenance you are improving the longevity of your system. Don’t wait until your system fails, let Air Dynamics give you the peace of mind that you can enjoy the hot summer days and come home to a cool, comfortable and energy efficient home!

We offer air conditioning clean and tune-ups for $59.00. We service the western suburbs of Chicago including Dupage, Kane and Kendall counties and the surrounding areas. Our NATE certified technicians are ready to assist you today! Call 630-731-1550

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