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My AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air: What Should I Do?

Perhaps the only thing worse than ultra-high heat and humidity in summer is having an air conditioner that can’t do anything about it. If you live in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora or Plainfield and your AC isn’t blowing cold air, we’ll talk here about some possible reasons why.

Consider the following factors in the event you start noticing warmer air from your vents:

Thermostat. Your thermostat might just be set incorrectly. Check the setting and lower it if needed. Check the batteries too – you’d be surprised by how often a change-out for new ones proves to be the solution. To save extra money and energy, also set the fan to “auto.” This will ensure the fan is running only when the AC is cooling the air.

Circuit breaker. When our AC isn’t blowing cold air, we can often think of other things first besides our electrical panels. Your AC system requires a lot of power to run, so sometimes it might trip a breaker. Your system is connected to two breakers: one for the outside unit and another for the inside unit. Check your panel, because if the outside breaker trips, air can’t be cooled even if the inside unit’s breaker is fine.

Compressor. The compressor is the core of your cooling system. If too much debris such as dirt and leaves builds around it over time, it will interfere with your AC’s proper functioning. The key is making sure the interference doesn’t develop into damage.

Refrigerant. This is the fluid that removes heat from the air to cool your home. If your system doesn’t include enough of it because of a leak, your spaces will feel warmer, especially on days in the 80s and higher.

Evaporator coils. The evaporator coils are where the refrigerant absorbs heat. They are usually tubes bent into U-shapes set into panels by the blower fan. They can get dirty over time, and if they’re not cleaned, their ability to remove warm air will go down.

Air ducts. Your system’s ductwork carries the cooled air from the air conditioner to your rooms. Like anything else, it can wear over time, resulting in loosening seals and insulation. This allows cooled air to leak out.

Air filter. Sometimes it’s easy for any of us to forget to check our AC system’s filter. If it has too much build-up on it, it will start to interfere with the flow of cooled air. (Tip: Setting your fan on “auto” as mentioned above will help your filter last longer.) 

Drain. As your unit removes humidity (moisture) from the air, the water will usually drain from a hose or a pipe. Algae can building in the hose or the pipe and clog it. This can cause the unit to stop running in order to prevent water from backing up into your home or the unit.

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By monitoring what we’ve discussed, in some cases you should be able to make a quick fix when your AC isn’t blowing cold air. If you still find yourself stuck or you sense your system could use an inspection, the professionals at Air Dynamics are always glad to hear from you and assist you.

When you partner with us to get your AC blowing cold air again, we will:

  • e-mail you details about any Air Dynamics technician scheduled to visit you
  • call you 30 minutes before your technician arrives
  • after inspecting your system, clarify what may or may not be needed to restore full system function

We also offer a five-year warranty on many of our air conditioning repairs for Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield customers.

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