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Did you know in the state of Illinois, the only required certification an HVAC technician needs is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification?? While having an EPA certification is important to ensure safe and proper handling of common HVAC chemicals such as refrigerant, there are other certifications obtainable that provide the most up to date knowledge in other aspects of the industry. Other industry certifications and training can be voluntarily obtained by any technician at any time. Many HVAC companies do not make extra certifications or training a requirement to their staff. So what are these other certifications and training components? Why are they important to you as the customer?

Your Heating and Cooling system is one of the most complex systems in your home. It is important to ensure the person servicing or installing your system is well trained to provide the best and most honest service available. Advancements in the heating and cooling industry are ever changing and it is important to hire a contractor that is well versed in new advancements as well as having the background and knowledge to apply to those advancements. Certifications and training that your HVAC technician can hold are: NATE, OSHA, Combustion analysis, Air balancing, and Energy efficiency; just to name a few.

NATE Certified Technicians

Let’s talk about being NATE certified, what it means and why it is one of the most important certifications your HVAC provider can have. NATE stands for NORTH AMERICAN TECHNICIAN EXCELLENCE. Being NATE certified means the HVAC technician has passed specialized tests in areas such as air conditioning repairs, gas and oil furnace repairs, heat pumps, refrigeration and air distribution. The technician then has an extensive knowledge and hands on capabilities at maintaining, installing and repairing the equipment. Obtaining a NATE certification is done voluntarily by any technician in the industry who chooses to. This certification is a nationally recognized designation in the industry. NATE certified technicians can help ensure lower utility bills through proper installation and maintenance of your HVAC system. You can rest assured you are getting safe and more efficient high quality service. It has been demonstrated that clients who choose NATE certified technicians have a higher satisfaction with the work that is done in their home or office then those that use a non certified technician.

It is up to the HVAC company to choose to seek out NATE certified technicians to hire, but again it is not a requirement and many companies do not hold this certification. This also holds true with the other certifications we talked about as well. At Air Dynamics Heating and Cooling we make the training investment in our employees to be certain that they have the knowledge needed to provide an unparalleled service experience to each and every client. If your Heating and Cooling Company claims to be NATE certified, ask to see verification of their certification before they proceed with any work. Also inquire about their knowledge and training in the other certifications as well.

Air Dynamics holds training and certifications in NATE, OSHA, EPA, energy efficiency, air balancing and combustion analysis. We stay up to date in Wi-Fi controlled thermostats and energy efficient equipment. Next time you need air conditioning or furnace repair please remember to ask the company you’re using these questions, inquire about their skills, knowledge and focused interests in the industry, we assure you, this will give you the best peace of mind knowing you have chosen the best company to come into your home!

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