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What to Know about AC Repair: Symptoms to Watch for in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield (IL)

Summer is here, and that means high season for our air conditioners in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield. These are the months when we depend on our units to perform at their highest level.

To do that for us, our AC systems must be fully equipped for the task that lies ahead. The good news is that if they’re not prepared, they will often try to give us hints they need attention. We should be alert to those signs: If left unattended too long, beyond compromising our comfort, a defective air conditioner could cause health problems and safety hazards (which tend to peak in June, July and August).

With that in mind, let’s review what to know about AC repair so we stay cool while keeping concerns and expenses at a lower setting.

An AC Unit’s Top Calls for Help

Watch for symptoms such as the following this summer – they’ll tip you off that it could be repair time for your air conditioner.

Heated air. If your unit is blowing anything but cooled air, it might have a faulty compressor, the refrigerant might be leaking or the airflow might be restricted.

Leaks or moisture. If you start to see liquid or beading around your air conditioner, the source could be something minor, such as a block in the tube that drains condensation away from the unit. It might also be a steady leak, which creates conditions for mold.

Strange sounds. An efficient air conditioner should not produce more noise beyond the motor and fan. If you hear grinding, squealing, grating or whistling, your unit is speaking to you.

Odd smells. Noticeable odors from your AC could mean the system’s wire insulation is burned or that you have an issue with your air ducts. A musty or dirty-sock smell is often a sign of mold.

Extra humidity. One way your AC keeps you comfortable in summer is by drawing the humidity out of the air in your home. Hints that your AC isn’t doing this properly can be water pooling around windows or a sticky consistency to the air in your home.

Frozen condenser coils. Poor airflow can cause ice to form on the outdoor unit’s condenser coils, which will interfere with the cooling system. Some common culprits behind restricted airflow and frozen coils are dirty air filters, blocked return air ducts and low refrigerant.

Frequent cycles. When your AC system is running smoothly, the unit should cycle routinely, even when the air is hot. It shouldn’t turn on and off constantly. If you start to notice an increasing frequency, your air conditioner is probably seeking attention.

What You Can Do

Any of the problem signs mentioned so far usually indicate you should consult with an air conditioning specialist to ensure an issue stays manageable. There are, however, some things you can do to help keep your AC working as it should for you.

Here’s what to know about AC maintenance and repair you can take care of on your own:

Keep your air conditioner clean. Your exterior condenser unit should be free and clear of obstructions such as debris and vegetation. This allows air to flow through the system correctly and reduces stress on it.

Clean indoor vents and registers. Dust and dirt often attach to vents and registers as air circulates through your home. These particles then both dirty your spaces and reduce your indoor air quality. Maintaining clean vents and registers will help to prevent this.

Change the air filter. On average, filters should be changed about every 90 days. Develop a system to monitor filter age and replacement, especially during summer, when your system is on much of the day.

Keep critters out. Ensure that pests cannot get into your AC system. If they have free passage and lodging, they will be unruly tenants that impact your indoor air quality.

Most important, if any of the earlier symptoms we discussed seem to be persisting or getting worse, shut the system off. Continuing to run a malfunctioning unit can worsen the problem, potentially create a hazard or even damage the system beyond repair.

Contact Us Today

Both your comfort and your safety are important to us at Air Dynamics. We welcome every opportunity to help make you even smarter about what to know about AC repair in Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, Aurora and Plainfield.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your air conditioning with a professional, call us at (630) 731-1550. Be sure to ask us about our All-Inclusive Maintenance (AIM) program as well!

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